In particular circumstances, infertility treatment may require the use of surrogate mothers. The fertility specialist will determine if there is a need for surrogacy.


  • There is an explicit reason for surrogacy (please see below surrogacy indication) as determined by the doctor.
  • Embryo transfer within the surrogacy treatment cycle is restricted to one embryo only.
  • The clinic is responsible for the treatment itself only; there is no obligation to provide surrogate mothers, nor have any involvement in the relationship between the genetic parents and the surrogate.

Surrogacy indications

  • Uterine cavity damage– Ashermann syndrome, atrophic endometrium after repeatedly failed estrogen stimulation, improperly healed uterus after an operation – conditions following large myoma enucleations, multiple myoma deforming the uterine cavity and conditions after repeated Caesarian sections
  • Multiple abortionswhere the genetic cause of  abortions has been excluded and hematologic and immunologic therapies have had no effect (LWMH, intralipids, immunomodulation treatment)
  • Congenital absence of uterus or its removal
  • Previous pregnancies´  life-threatening complicationswhere there is a risk of reoccurrence – early heavy preeclampsia and eclampsia, HELLP trombosis + embolisation of lungs
  • Internal indication, neurological indication, etc.

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