When one IVF cycle is conducted, the success rate of treatment with donor eggs and donor embryos is between 48% and 68%  (only clinical pregnancies are included in the rate, i.e. when foetal heartbeat is confirmed during an ultrasound examination).

The success is closely related to the recipient’s age and with the quality of her endometrium. However, up to 90% of patients become pregnant during the course of three treatments with donor eggs or donor embryos (fresh embryos).

If you are unsuccessful initially with donor egg treatment and have to have repeated treatments using donor eggs or donor embryos (fresh, not frozen) at our clinic we can offer you the option of the Shared Risk IVF Program.


  • The first treatment cycle is funded by the couple in full, as per our current price list.
  • If a second cycle is necessary, the couple funds the full price, as per our current price list.
  • In a third cycle if necessary, the cost of the treatment cycle is shared with the clinic. The costs of embryological procedures as well as of the Embryo Monitoring are covered by ReproGenesis. The other costs are funded by the couple. In this way, you will have the best chance of being successful without incurring the full cost.

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