We do our best to find a sperm donor who best matches the future father. As well as height, hair and eye colour, blood type and Rh factor, we also make sure there is a match in hobbies and interests that are important to you.



All sperm donors hold a post-secondary degree or are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program. Under the laws of the Czech Republic, sperm donation is anonymous.

Only sperm from donors examined according to European Parliament and European Council Directive 2004/23/ES and Act No. 296/2008 and Regulation 422/2008 are used in treatments where donated germ cells are required.

Sperm donor screening

All sperm donors are men between 18-35 years of age. Men entering our sperm donor database have undergone the following medical exams and procedures:

  • An interview with a psychologist
  • Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, HBsAG, CMV, syphilis, chlamydia)
  • Blood and Rh typing
  • Genetic disorder screening test (karyotype, gene mutation, cystic fibrosis, hereditary deafness)

Reasons for sperm donor treatment

  • Testes have been removed, or their function has been compromised by a chemotherapy
  • Sperm quality test shows too many abnormalities
  • Semen includes no sperm
  • The sperm carries a genetic disease

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