Donor embryos are the result of combining donor eggs with donor sperm. When selecting the donors, we do our best to match both prospective parents’ physical features (height, eye and hair colour) as well as character traits, hobbies and interests, with those of the donors.

With our state-of-the-art database, we are immediately able to locate a near-perfect match. There is no waiting period for embryo donation treatment.



Our egg donors are all women 18-34 years of age and our sperm donors are men 18-35 years of age.

All our donors are tested for mental diseases, genetic and hormonal disorders and infectious diseases including HIV.

Only eggs and sperm from donors examined according to European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/23/ES and Act No. 296/2008 and Regulation 422/2008 are used in treatments where donated germ cells are required.

Reasons for Embryo Donation Treatment

  • Ovaries cannot produce healthy eggs
  • Eggs carry a genetic disease
  • Sperm quality test shows too many abnormalities
  • Semen includes no sperm
  • Sperm carries a genetic disease
  • No success with the couple’s own embryos


Donor embryos