It is difficult for a couple to discover that they cannot produce their own biological children. But fortunately, modern medicine now offers the opportunity to fight infertility. With the aid of donor genetic material, couples may now experience pregnancy and the birth of their child.



Donor Welfare

We understand that our donor’s welfare is very important. We make sure that our donors are well cared for and monitored during stimulation and following egg collection. We avoid over stimulation as this is unhealthy for the donor. By doing so we ensure that the eggs collected from them are healthy and mature and ready for fertilisation. This has a beneficial effect for our egg donation recipients. We are recognised as being a responsible clinic who takes the lead in donor welfare.

Number of Donors

We have a great number of young, healthy donors in our database so we are immediately able to locate the best match for each couple in treatment. Therefore there is no waiting period at ReproGenesis.

Donor Characteristics

Since everyone is physically different we have many donors who vary in terms of size, hair colour, eye colour, complexion, and many other characteristics. We also record donor interests, hobbies and occupations. This comprehensive profile of every donor means that we can match you exactly with the right donor without a long wait.

Donor Screening

Men and women entered into our donor database have undergone the following medical exams and procedures: an interview with a psychologist, a check-up, tests for STDs (HIV, HBsAG, CMV, syphilis, chlamydia), blood and Rh typing and a genetic disorder screening test (karyotype, gene mutation and cystic fibrosis, women also undergo Fragile X syndrome and Spinal muscular atrophy). Women also undergo a pelvic ultrasound and a hormonal profile.

Specialist Team

Our close-knit experienced team has worked with many couples who were seeking egg donation treatment so we can attend to your needs quickly. We are total professionals who understand the stresses and strains that you are going through. We are with you every step of the way and you can rest assured that we have your best interest at heart.