ReproGenesis Swapped Uniforms to Help Children in Need


UNICEF ReproGenesis

The employees of ReproGenesis clinic want to highlight the difficulties many children face worldwide where basic amenities such as medical treatment or school supplies are absent. In the past, we’ve participated in fundraising collections, but this year we’ve done more. For one month we swapped our uniforms for UNICEF T-shirts to increase awareness of the charity and to raise more money.

ReproGenesis clinic specialises in fertility treatment for couples coming from all over the world. For this reason we chose UNICEF, one of the most important and reputable foundations working in more than 190 countries, as the recipient of our fundraising.

The idea of supporting UNICEF came up last Christmas. Every employee voluntarily donated some money and we were able to buy a so called School-in -a –Box kit, a complete set of teaching and educational aids. We also had enough money to be able to ensure that 100 children were vaccinated against rubella and also to buy nutritional protein biscuits for the children.

This year we decided to do something which would raise awareness of the great work that UNICEF does. We participated in a Month for UNICEF where all our employees agreed on replacing their uniforms and medical coats with T-shirts and bracelets in a traditional blue colour supporting the campaign Believe in Zero. This campaign has one common aim – a world where ZERO children starve, ZERO children suffer from abuse, ZERO children are denied their education and ZERO children suffer from lack of potable water.

ReproGenesis not only contributed financially to UNICEF, but by wearing the T-shirts we’ve raised awareness of the charity. And for us, it brought us closer as a team which is a real bonus.



Assisted reproduction Brno UNICEF


The project has also a positive influence on the ReproGenesis´ clients. “The patients are very interested. From the very first day we swapped our uniforms for T-shirts, they have been excited and curious. They also regularly admire the certificates of UNICEF on exhibition by the reception. It is also a great opportunity for us to highlight the values our society acknowledges.”

The positive reaction from both employees and clients has motivated us to plan new events.  It’s clear that for the staff of ReproGenesis, the health and wellbeing of society is not just a job but an integral part of their lives.