If you have received treatment at ReproGenesis in Brno, we will be most welcome if you let us know if you were happy with our services or help us provide better care in future by sending us your comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvement.

You can share your ideas and suggestions:

  • personally at the clinic
  • by e-mail: info@reprogenesis.cz
  • by phone: +420 530 338 338
  • by mail: ReproGenesis a.s., Hlinky 60/144, 603 00 Brno
  • or by filling out our questionnaire, available at the clinic


In case you were unhappy with services provided at ReproGenesis in Brno you may wish to make a formal complaint.

How to make a formal complaint?

Verbal Complaint

  • You may complain to the relevant Department Head in person OR
  • You may complain to the relevant Department Head by phone; this must be followed by a formal complaint in writing including your signature (see below), otherwise the complaint will be addressed as anonymous complaint

Written Complaint

Your complaint must be signed and mailed to the Chief Clinic Administrator at ReproGenesis a.s., Hlinky 60/144, 603 00 Brno OR e-mailed to info@reprogenesis.cz with your electronic signature included.

What should you include in your complaint?

To ensure your complaint will be properly and effectively investigated, your complaint should include at least the following information:

  • A detailed description of what happened that led you to file a complaint, including relevant names and departments
  • Your (complainant’s) first and last name
  • Your (complainant’s) mailing address, phone number, fax number, or e-mail
  • Your (complainant’s) signature or electronic signature

What happens next and how long does the process take?

Each complaint is given due attention. Complaints that do not include complainant’s full name, address or mailing address, or complainant’s other contact information will be addressed as anonymous complaints. This means they will be investigated only if their subject includes detailed information about illegal activities.

Written formal complaints that cannot be processed within 10 days after delivery will be confirmed in writing as in-progress within the same 10 days. The standard amount of time to process a complaint is 30 days after the day of delivery. In extreme cases this amount of time may be extended by another 30 days and the complainant will be informed of this in writing. Once the complaint has been investigated and concluded the complainant will receive an official report including detailed information about the investigation, its findings and conclusions, and measures adopted to rectify the situation.

If a complaint that has been properly processed is received again and no new relevant facts are included in its subject, the complaint may take longer than the standard amount of time to process without written notification of the delay.