More and more couples who are dealing with infertility end up going through an IVF treatment to make that dream of becoming parents true.

Overcoming Failed IVF treatment



The success rates of an IVF clinic is an important factor for couples deciding where to undergo fertility treatment to increase their chances of a positive outcome. But before starting the IVF process it is important to know that IVF treatment is not always successful right away on the first treatment cycle! Knowing this can help alleviate  frustration, sadness and all the related emotional roller coaster. When a couple is left with nothing to show for all the time, effort, and desire for a baby of their own, they experience emotions that are so hard to cope with. And when you add to that stress and financial strain plus a failed IVF treatment, then it may lead to serious psychological distress.

How to Deal with a Failed IVF

The first really important thing is to bear in mind you are not alone. It is an experience shared by thousands of couples and knowing the fact that most couples are not successful the first time, can be really helpful. It is quite common for success to require multiple attempts. When IVF fails, though, it feels very lonely, and it may seem as if you lost a child that you already loved. It is critical to share your feelings with your partner at this difficult time. Share your thoughts and be honest about your feelings with each other. Shutting down only serves to create strife during a time when unity is vital.


The Physical side

A woman going through IVF treatment takes hormones to prepare her body for egg retrieval, and after that, hormones to prepare for an implantation. It is no wonder she is emotional and sensitive. Medications used for eggs retrieval may cause side effects, including hot flushes, headaches, nausea and mood swings. Most of the effects cannot be entirely avoided, but they can be handled better when you talk to your doctor about them and share them with your partner.

The Psychological Side

When an IVF treatment fails it is really emotional for most couples. Studies have shown that women diagnosed with infertility experience stress at the same level as someone diagnosed with cancer or high blood pressure. If it is the man who is diagnosed with infertility, than most often they experience shame, low opinion of themselves and as a result they may become depressed. Infertility and the IVF treatment takes a heavy toll on those struggling to cope with them.

Overcoming IVF Failure

Experience has shown that it can really help to join a support group for couples dealing with infertility treatment. Often, it is a huge relief when couples share their stories with others going the same heartbreaking path. It can also be very effective, before starting an IVF treatment, to decide on a plan. To decide how much money you are able to invest in the process. How many attempts you are able to cope with financially and psychologically. And so, if you fail to conceive you have a plan for what comes after an IVF. Those are psychological aspects to consider that may even help to increase your chances! Try hard not to become so involved in having a baby that you fail to see other things in your life that have and can still make you happy! And last, but not least, never ever, while going through the process,  lose faith! You would not be trying if you did not believe it could happen!



Keeping all these things in mind can help couples to go through the challenging path of infertility and IVF with a positive outcome in the end, despite how hard and challenging the journey was.


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