Many people from Europe and beyond travel to the Czech Republic for IVF treatment. The question is why? Why do they make the huge effort when it would probably be easier to attend somewhere closer to home? If you are considering going abroad for IVF or donor egg treatment, here’s what you ought to know about treatment in the Czech Republic.


It’s cheaper.

The cost of IVF treatment in the Czech Republic can be up to 3 times lower than in the USA. This is not because the laboratories are less equipped or use ancient equipment. In fact, most Czech IVF clinics use cutting edge technology operated by highly trained staff. The clinics are checked rigorously by the Czech authorities to ensure complete compliance with the laws of the country. Safety is paramount so the checks extend to procedures and equipment to safeguard patient welfare. So no corners are cut. The reason for the lower costs is because the cost of living is lower and so is medication, treatment and staff costs.

There are no waiting lists.

So treatment can start almost immediately. Usually with donor egg treatment, there may be a waiting time associated with finding the right donor. But this isn’t the case in the Czech Republic. Due to the anonymity laws, there are many donors who come forward to donate their eggs and sperm. Most large reputable IVF clinics will have a database which provides a good choice of donors willing and available.

Success rates for treatment are extremely good.

This is down to the fact that the donors are young – usually less than 30 years of age. Their eggs and sperm are in prime condition and so fertilization rates are high. Embryos conceived with donor eggs and sperm have fewer abnormalities due to their young age. This means that many embryos go on to develop to the blastocyst stage having met all their developmental milestones. This is the best stage to select and transfer embryos and leads to the best chance of success.

The Czech Republic is very easy to travel to.

International air carriers from all over Europe and the USA fly direct to Prague and to Brno. Travel within the country is very cheap and straightforward as well so most of the country is very accessible.

The Czech Republic is very beautiful.

Prague and Brno and steeped in history and culture and make a fantastic place to visit. During treatment, many couples are able to relax and distract themselves by visiting the historic landmarks and by dining in top class restaurants for a fraction of the cost at home.


These are the best kept secrets about the Czech Republic and it is no wonder that so many couples travel there each year to discover what it offers. And many come home very happy with the outcome too. ReproGenesis is one of the leading IVF clinics in the Czech Republic offering all types of infertility treatment.



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